10507142_816041178408010_6807824451416644793_oIan Thomas (born April 30 1997) was destined to go into showbiz. His mom Brigitte was a well known professional danser/choreographer, she is working as a co-director now , his stepfather Chris is an actor in a very famous Belgian sitcom called ”Family”. From a very young age Ian Thomas went on tour with his mom, looking at her perform in Paris, London and Amsterdam and going to the set with Chris. Ian Thomas first love was Soccer, at the age of 10 he dreamed of being a professional soccer player,but that was soon about to change.

Ian Thomas loved to sing and one day he was singing Justin Bieber’s Baby in his bedroom. Chris secretly videotaped Ian singing and put the result as a joke on youtube. They never suspected what was about to happen next. Within days the video went viral on youtube and everybody was asking around who this kid was. Universal Records also noticed his video and not long after they signed Ian Thomas as a performing artist.They decided to re record the single “Baby” but translated n dutch . It was the beginning of a mega success. ”Baby” got released and reached #1 on the Belgian Ultratop 10 chart on 26 March 2011. It was the only time Ian Thomas covered a song from Justin Bieber, from then on he created his own songs.

After 3 success singles Ian Thomas released his first even solo album ”More Than A Game”. A album tittle that said it all, Music became Ian Thomas first love. The album reached the golden status in sales and it dropped 5 singles in total.

Now at age 16 Ian Thomas is ready to release a follow up to his debut album and in September 2013 he released the first single of his new album. The song was called Rain and it went straight to n1 in the Itunes Top Hit Chart. In December 2013 Ian Thomas got contacted to see if he was interested in doing the Belgian version of the hit single Walking On Air. The song also featured former Nsync band member Lance Bass and Snoop Dogg. Ian Thomas accepted and Walking On Air got released on January 6 2014. Also this song went straight to N1 on Itunes and this after 24! hours of release, a unicum for a 16 year old singer.

Ian Thomas is the spokesman for a international campaign against bullying and he has also made the song Turn The Tide , it was used for a campaign against teenage suicides. In his free time Ian Thomas loves to fitness and spent time with his friends like all teenagers at his age but with one big difference , Ian Thomas has got a very big dream and his mind is set on making this dream come true.